California Vehicle Plates is a vehicle registration service authorized by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). We are not a branch of the DMV or of any government office/organization.  

Our mission is to simplify vehicle registration and many other associated tasks that would normally require you to go to a DMV office, thus saving frustration, and aggravation, and above all time.  We offer both in-person and contactless options for getting the job done.

Our office is located in North Redondo Beach and is a quiet and calm place where you’ll be treated with kindness, respect, and a good cup of coffee by people who really like their jobs and enjoy being of service to our clients. You’ll receive the same courteous, professional service on the phone and via email.

Many of the services we provide require original documents. You will have the option to bring these to our office or mail them to us.  If you choose to bring them to our office, many of the services can be done while you wait. 

We accept checks, cash, money orders, and VENMO payments for our service fees and DMV Transaction fees.

We look forward to working with you!